Star Trek Desk

Star Trek Tom Spina

Recently I had the privilege of collaborating with Tom Spina Designs, makers of the famous Han Solo in Carbonite desk. The gig was for another desk, this time a commission for a client who wanted something special for their office: a desk based on the bridge from the most recent Star Trek films.

The completed desk looks out of this world (pun intended), thanks to the fine craftsmanship of Tom and his crew. Looking past the matte silver finish, the desk looks almost seamless in its construction, as though it originated from a 3D-printer or injection mold.

Star Trek Tom Spina davesgeekyideas

Besides the Star Trek theme, the client specified an L-shaped desk for the workspace, a special display stand for an iPad, a means to conceal power cables, and lastly a keyboard tray and some drawers placed at designated locations.

I’ve never designed actual furniture before, so I started by recreating the client’s office in 3D, based on a photo (left):

Star Trek Tom Spina davesgeekyideas

I then put together a few sketch ideas for the desk. I strived to add design cues from the 2009 Enterprise bridge to the desk’s appearance:

Star Trek Tom Spina davesgeekyideas

After some back and forth with Tom and the client, a final design was settled upon, and I modeled it in 3D. A few refinements later and I delivered the final concept images:

Star Trek Tom Spina davesgeekyideas

The metallic material I used for the 3D models was intended to be a placeholder, however the client dug it and the silver finish made its way into the final desk. As you can see there were some changes between this concept and the final product; mainly the height of the main work surface, and creating a base that can adequately support the entire desk. Tom also added some clever basins for wires, and made the iPad display stand mobile.

Had a lot of fun working on this project, I look forward to (hopefully) creating more concepts for Tom down the road.

Speaking of which, a lot of folks message me and ask about the many furniture concepts I’ve posted here. If you’d like to make one of those designs a reality, or really anything you want, contact Tom Spina and they’d be happy to help you out.

8 thoughts on “Star Trek Desk

  1. Awesome! But just out of curiosity, why was the final product made a matte finish instead of metallic like the rendering?

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