Jaws Scent Bottle

Jaws Scent Bottle design by Dave Delisle

Here’s a fun design: a Jaws-branded cologne or perfume bottle. There aren’t too many geeky scents out there, so why not? I imagine this would have a pleasant ocean or sea-breeze scent, as I doubt anyone would want to smell like chum.

Fans of the film will recognize what’s going on here, but for those who don’t know: the cap is the yellow buoy that was tethered to the shark in the film; the hose extending from the pump looks like the rope used for the tether, and it appears to be attached to a shark at the bottom of the bottle.

I went with a conventional bottle design here, otherwise I’d make it look closer to a gas container, with an angled buoy to give it the appearance of being towed by a shark.

4 thoughts on “Jaws Scent Bottle

  1. This NEEDS to be made a reality. I think it would sell – market it on the We Love Sharks and the Great White Facebook pages. As for the scent, I would make it similar to any or a combination of the following scents… Aqua Quorum, anything by Nautica, Polo Blue, Blue de Chanel… Something with a fresh watery type of scent.

  2. As for this bottle… Leave this as is and then create another scent of the gas can as you described. If there is a sample bottle like this PLEASE let me know. I collect fragrances and this would be SO COOL to have.

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