Toy Story Claw Crane Lamp

Toy Story Alien Claw Lamp design by Dave Delisle 2014 davesgeekyideas

Here is a lamp design based on the claw crane game from the first Toy Story film, and it features a “captured” alien that you pull to turn the light on or off. It is the silliest thing I have ever posted.

The mockup above is on the small side to get the idea across, however I would prefer a large lamp populated by many alien dudes. You could even make the lower half a table, and the top half the lamp, if you get my drift. Either way a larger lamp would look closer in scale to its onscreen counterpart (which looks exactly like this, except it has glass partition supporting the top part of the rocket).

Bonus idea: originally I thought the captive-alien-in-a-claw would work as a necklace/pendant, similar to the Zelda design from a few months back.

3 thoughts on “Toy Story Claw Crane Lamp

  1. Daaaaaave, you’re going to run me out of money trying to build these things you post! 😉
    Portal-bot lamp; Mario Kart clock, Flux Clock, now this? lol
    Check in with occasionally – I’ll be posting in-progress pics when I get around to your items after my BTTF stuff is nearer to finished.

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