Zelda Hookshot Pendant

Zelda Hookshot Necklace Jewelry

A pendant of Link with his trusty hookshot serving as a chain, what’s not to like? It’s a lot friendlier than my original idea, which was based on Attack On Titan (where you are the titan). You could probably do a standalone hookshot necklace, but the addition of the character truly completes this design. 

It looks a bit bulky above, but ideally it would be very small, something like this (sorry I couldn’t find a better picture to work with):

Zelda Hookshot

If you’re interested in seeing other geeky jewelry designs, please head here. Speaking of which, I’m going to stop using the “Geek Bling” header for all jewelry posts from here on out. I only expected to do a couple of these posts in all honesty. Also the word bling seems really outdated already!

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