X-Men Collection Blu-Ray Stand

X-Men blu-ray collection stand design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

You read that right: this is a stand, not the usual case design I tend to post here. Because there are so many X-Men Blu-Ray/DVD releases (standalone and box sets), I felt I should put together a design to show off the mutant superhero movies you already have.

This stand is similar to a bookend, only inserted into the middle of your Blu-Ray library for dramatic effect. The clear plastic (or glass) stand would give the illusion that several Blu-Rays are being levitated by Magneto*, who also appears to be floating in midair.


If it were up to me I’d sell this with only Days of Future Past, the rest of the films you’d have to supply yourself. Thanks to the bookend nature of this design, it is future-proof; you can place all of the future X-Men films adjacent to the stand.


Here is a look at the stand without the cases. It would be entirely made of clear material, except for the Magneto figurine. Speaking of which, I cheaped-out and modeled a very basic Magneto, otherwise he would be facing the other way! I’d include a means to spin the character around as well, as he’d look good facing any direction.

In hindsight I should’ve made the blu-ray cases in the Steelbook format, something that Magneto could manipulate.

19 thoughts on “X-Men Collection Blu-Ray Stand

  1. I wonder if I can’t print this out at home with any sort of decent quality. What do you figure would be the best way to go making this? Injection Mold I’d have to guess. Too bad I can’t do that at home.

    1. I’d make the stand out of clear plastic, while the base that Magneto stands on would be made of glass. He’d be a normal plastic or vinyl figurine. At least that would be my approach.

  2. What’s killing me is that the X-Men: Apocalypse in your mock up is called Apokolips, a DC spelling of the word that means Darkseid’s home planet.

  3. Why aren’t you selling these!!! Alright Triangular Cube and Dave, get together and make this happen!

  4. I always laugh when i hear American’s say aluminum, yyou guys took the literal saying hahaha. Great idea, I’ve seen other idea’s I’d love to have on my DVD/Blu ray library here

  5. 😀 I still like the “Real” X-Men Ultimate Adamantium Complete Blu-ray Movie Collection with Wolverines full size Fist and Claws, better!!!!! 😉

    😏 However… I would love to build this to hold my Assorted X-men Animated TV Series!!! The more difficult parts to produce, I would make on my 3D Printer!!! 3d Printers have now Lowered in Price and continue to Become much more affordable for the Average person to Aquire and Use!!! 😉 😎

  6. Great idea! I always see cool box sets on e-bay but the discs can only be played on that regions players. This set for the Alien series (ebay.ca/itm/282628602779) looks great but it’s manufactured in France.

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