Punch-Out!! Wallpaper

Punch-Out!! Wallpaper Running In New York

This wallpaper features Little Mac and Doc Louis training in Hoboken, New Jersey, getting ready for the big fight against that no-good Soda Popinsky.

It’s a combination of 3D (foreground), photo-editing* (background), and of course pixel art.  You can find 16:9 and 4:3 sizes after the jump.

Sorry the 4:3 size is letterboxed. Not many 4:3ers left! Click to enlarge, then save to your computer:

1920 x 1440
1920 x 1440
1920 x 1080
1920 x 1080

*I couldn’t find a (wide) picture of New York’s skyline that appeared to originate from a boardwalk across the river, so I resorted to stealing images from Google Street View. Google forgive me!

If anyone finds an alternate NYC Skyline photo that fits the same perspective please let me know.

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