Kingsman: The Secret Service Wallpapers

Kingsman The Secret Service and Valentine wallpapers by davesgeekyideas

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages! I’ve been swamped. Here are 2 new wallpapers for Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The Kingsman get a couple of desktop wallpapers, while Valentine gets a wallpaper for all the mobile devices. Both designs are accurate to the film.

Punch-Out!! Wallpaper

Punch-Out!! Wallpaper Running In New York

This wallpaper features Little Mac and Doc Louis training in Hoboken, New Jersey, getting ready for the big fight against that no-good Soda Popinsky.

It’s a combination of 3D (foreground), photo-editing* (background), and of course pixel art.  You can find 16:9 and 4:3 sizes after the jump.

Last Starfighter “Frontier Breach” Wallpaper

Last Starfighter Frontier Wallpaper
16:9 ratio Widescreen Wallpaper 2560 x 1600 Click To Enlarge

I have to say it would be cool to have real wallpaper (the kind you put on your walls) adorned with the a pattern made up of “The Frontier” seen in The Last Starfighter.  For now a desktop wallpaper will do.

Rabbit Season And Duck Season Posters

No it's DUCK SEASON! SHOOOT MEEEEE! *BLAM!* Rabbit Season Poster 2012
Click To Enlarge
No it's DUCK SEASON! SHOOOT MEEEEE! *BLAM!* Rabbit Season Poster 2012
Click To Enlarge

I love to make stuff that people can print. It’s a weird consolation prize for not being able to deliver any actual products I feature here. At the same time it’s stuff that I enjoy printing myself, so a win-win situation all round.

Please post these responsibly, because they have the potential to get me in hot water if used in a way that is considered vandalism. I’m always a Google search away from law enforcement authorities, apparently. Don’t shoot any rabbits or ducks either.

Black and white versions after the jump.

Tumbler Batmobile Blueprint

Tumbler Blueprint by Dave's Geeky Ideas

You can buy a poster of this image here (no commission).

Here is a blueprint of the Tumbler seen in The Dark Knight, except I added wheels to complete the look. Additional Wayne logos and legalese were also added to the bottom of the print.