Baymax Suitcase

Baymax luggage case design 2016 dave delisle davesgeekyideas big hero 6

This actually started out as a First-Aid kit design, but then I saw those wheels on Baymax’s charging station in the film and decided to make this a suitcase instead. Probably for the better, suitcases are more likely to be seen and used than your typical household First-Aid kit.

This is a “hard sided luggage” design, meaning it’s a molded clamshell without zippers, more or less. The fasteners are on the arms. Baymax’s face folds away, turning his hoodie into a handle.

Baymax suitcase design by Dave Delisle

This suitcase would be close to the actual size shown in the film, so when you’re not traveling you could display Baymax anywhere in your home. No traveling is needed really, this could be used for school or work.

Other uses for Baymax: lunchbox, battery generator, toolbox, portable heater, and so on. I’m just happy to finally do a luggage design, that’s something I’ve often brainstormed for over the years. One of my goals is to do a geeky design for everything you’d find in a home.

3 thoughts on “Baymax Suitcase

  1. I was Googling to see if anyone made a first aid kit and came across this! Great design!!!! I’d totally rock this!

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