Vigo The Carpathian Shadow Box

Vigo The Carpathian Shadow Box Frame by Dave Delisle

This started out as another one of my papercraft projects, but I had to pull the plug because Vigo was too difficult to cut and place into position. The goal was to create a “living painting”, much like there was in the film, with Vigo and the foreground floating above the backdrop. His eyes would’ve followed you around the room.

Vigo The Carpathian Shadow Box Frame by Dave Delisle

Thought I would post the concept anyways, as a bit of a Hail Mary: a company called Pyramid America specializes in making 3D shadowbox frames. These feature ‘floating characters’ for theĀ 3D look, so Vigo would be a perfect fit for that product line. The company also appears to have a Ghostbusters license too. I’m hoping they notice and consider this design.

For my concept the eyes do not sit as far back as the background, so I don’t know if Pyramid can make something as layered as this, but even if they dropped the eye gimmick a 3D Vigo poster would be coveted among many Ghostbuster fans, I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “Vigo The Carpathian Shadow Box

  1. lived in a video store from 83-93. We had an Adam’s Family standee that did just that with uncle Fester’s eyes that appeared to follow. The initial concept is easy enough its the actual artwork that would be difficult. if you got a poster of him and a duplicate cutout of him you just need to cut out the eyes on the popped-out vigo (about an inch off) and the ones that remain on the backdrop should appear to follow.

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