Apple Siri Screen

Apple Siri Screen design by Dave Delisle

Amazon recently released the Echo Show, an Alexa assistant with a built-in screen that displays information on demand. If Apple were to release a similar product, they can do no worse than making it look like an 80’s Macintosh computer. Nostalgia is all the rage these days, see the NES Classic or C64 Mini.

Going a step further, the device could look like a large iPod. The “click wheel” is actually a speaker. If customers would like, they can place the device inside a Macintosh shell.

Apple Siri Screen design by Dave Delisle

The Macintosh shell could serve as the packaging for the device, with plenty of room to store cables and manuals inside as well.

Siri can be represented by the iconic smiley face (seen above), as well as many other emoji faces. I feel this would offer the same personality as the GERTY robot from the film Moon. The question is, how emotive would you make Siri? Would it look appalled or concerned by some of your queries?

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