HE-MAN Power Bar


By the POWER of Grayskull! I’ve been wanting to design a gadget based on Castle Grayskull for several years, along the lines of a USB Hub or Car Charger. I decided to go with a power bar design based on He-Man’s sword because it would be life-size and more functional. Plus there are no geeky power bars in existence.

There’s room for more outlets and USB ports if the red switch was removed and made into a remote switch (like this old design). The power cable extends from the end of the hilt.

If the sword could power-up Prince Adam and Cringer, why didn’t He-Man point it at his allies to help their abilities as well? Hey Man-At-Arms, you are now a walking tank. Orko, you are now a powerful sorcerer. Seems kinda selfish if you ask me.

57 thoughts on “HE-MAN Power Bar

  1. “Sir, here is my pre-signed blank check. Fill in any amount and I will pay it.” – Peter Griffin

  2. Nice! Something like this was for sale a few years ago with European plug. My cousin bought one for about 60 euro I believe. Looked a bit different but also the He-Man power sword for sure.

  3. This is brilliant.. Want one ! It would be even geekier if it would scream “I have the power” when the switch is turned on… or I’ll scream it myself every time I plug something in..

  4. Make it a few inches longer, space out the last 2 outlets and rotate them 90 degrees to accommodate larger power supplies.

  5. I love this idea. A jewel shaped cover for the switch would protect it. Or put it on the side in the gap.

  6. The switch doesn’t need to be remote. Keep the wire lines flowing towards the tip, even the input power cable… Use a round, illuminated rocker switch at the very bottom, base of the handle, so it looks like a gemstone cap. It would clean the routing of wires to flow like the beam, as an aesthetic, the very base cap would be glowing (w/e color, rgb?), And you could wrap an EL wire (or pairs) around the tight bundle of [beautifully routed and secured] component power wires. When powered on, it’d be so much fun to have mounted as almost a centerpiece to the entertainment system. I keep seeing it on the wall shooting the “beam” towards the entertainment setup, since all the power wires are going that way already.

  7. So how does one obtain this? Also if it is still in production how about a circle red switch? 😉

  8. Rotate the outlets 90 degrees so I can plug large plugs and not block the other outlets and I’m in for at least one.

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