TRON Data Disc Roomba


Another Roomba design. I don’t like to repeat myself too much in a short time frame, but when I am going through a creative rut I will pick some low-hanging fruit.

TRON: Legacy is 8 years old, and I don’t think we’ll see a sequel anytime soon. However Disney is launching their own streaming service soon, and I think TRON would make for a compelling miniseries or ongoing TV show.

My elevator pitch for the series: planet earth is on the cusp of nuclear war. In an act of self-preservation, the GRID digital world relocates to a remote server in a Presidential  bunker in Alaska. Thousands of people deemed essential to rebuilding the planet, like doctors and scientists, are teleported against their will to live in the GRID, which is now a refuge for humanity. Within days the bunker loses all contact with the outside world, marooning the GRID and all its inhabitants. Is the Earth a nuclear wasteland? Can everyone co-exist in the GRID, or will the war follow the humans here? Will anyone be able to leave the GRID and return to the real world again? Or will the GRID collapse and die when the bunker depletes its power reserves? So many questions.

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