Geeky Flash Drives Part 4: TRON Data Disc

TRON USB flash drive design by Dave Delisle 2013 davesgeekyideas

Here are two thumb drive designs based on the data disc from Tron Legacy. Now you can transport your files in style just like Flynn. They illuminate when plugged into a port. If thrown hard enough they could be used as a weapon too, I suppose.

Tron Hockey Puck

TRON hockey puck design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

I used to make fun of the absurd Fox Puck, but a part of me thinks it would look cool if the hockey puck had LED lights embedded within. It would look remarkably different for starters, the Fox Puck relied on graphics applied in the TV broadcast (much like the line of scrimmage in football); whereas the lights would emit from the actual puck and be cast onto the nearby ice surface, boards, skates, hockey sticks, etc.

The puck would be more apparent in scrums in the corner and in the crease. I don’t know if it would look like a blur of light from a slap-shot, but I’d like to think there would be some tracer effect.