Arcade Cabinet Desk


I already designed an Arcade Cabinet Standing Desk, thought I’d make one for sitting people. This was inspired by my L-shaped IKEA desk; lately I’ve been thinking about giving it a Pac-Man vinyl cover, because its laminate surface is in rough shape.

Just need colorful t-molding around the edge of the desk surface, and a marquee for the leg (which could be back-lit if you want to be fancy).

3 thoughts on “Arcade Cabinet Desk

  1. Hi, Dave: Love your designs…naturally, the Star Trek 1701-D tent is the best, since I drive a “Galileo” shuttlecraft (a custom-decal white 2013 Subaru Forester). In any case, if the tent actually is made, I’d love to get one. 🙂 Tom Apple, Warrensburg, NY

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