HDMI Gaming Switch

HDMI USB Switch for video game consoles 2018 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

This is an HDMI switch mixed with a power bar, inspired by the recent trend of mini consoles, single board computers, and clone consoles using USB as a power source.

I was shopping for just such a device today, because my TV doesn’t have enough HDMI ports. I also wanted something that would power my devices too, making it easier to deal with cable management. 


This is ideal for the NES Classic, SNES Classic, Neo Geo Mini, C64 Mini, Sega Genesis Mini, single board PCs like the Raspberry Pi, and clone consoles (made by Hyperkin, Retro-Bit, and Gamerz Tek). Streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, and Roku Stick would also be compatible as they all use USB for power.

The NES and SNES Classic also come with a label prompting owners to ‘unplug when not in use’ to conserve energy, so a power switch that kills power when your devices are not in use would be handy.

This device would work just like an HDMI switch, automatically switching to whatever video signal is active. It would also feature the benefits of a power bar switch, like a built-in surge protector.

6 thoughts on “HDMI Gaming Switch

  1. I would definitely Buy two of these I can use these into rooms Having a surge protector built into it is even better in all honesty you never have enough surge protectors in the house

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