Fixing The PlayStation Classic

Playstation Classic Fix Mod design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Sony released the PlayStation Classic last fall, and it hasn’t really sold all that well, being marked down as much as 70% or given away for free as a promotional item. The system is marred by a few problems: half the games are the PAL versions (they run slower in NTSC regions), no analog controls, and the included games aren’t all that great.

I believe Sony could right the ship and release a peripheral add-on that could fix this system, and that involves taking a cue from modders: all you need is a USB flash drive.

I designed this flash drive to look like a PS1 memory card. It features a USB pass-through for a controller. When this is plugged-in, it will look like the system has a memory card inserted.

This drive would patch the included PAL games and switch them to NTSC, include drivers for all Dualshock controllers (gamers would need to bring their own), and most importantly: a bunch of additional games. Ape Escape, Parappa the Rappa, Crash Bandicoot, Dino Crisis, and so on.

A 4GB thumb drive goes for $10 these days. Sony could sell this for $15-$20 as a standalone product, and even bundle it with PlayStation Classics currently sitting in stores (bringing the MSRP of those back to $100). By giving customers the chance to add games to a mini classic system, Sony would have the chance to do what Nintendon’t.

6 thoughts on “Fixing The PlayStation Classic

  1. I have an idea. What if Nintendo made accessories for amiibo. Like Cappy eyes you could put on Mario’s hat, or a balance board for the Wii Fit Trainer. Making interchangeable guns for Inklings, Adding 2 figures in 1 like Mr. Game and Watch with a SSB4 figure and SSBU figure. Heck, maybe even making Kirby hats! The possibilities are endless and I’m asking you to please take this into consideration.

    1. It’s a fun idea but Amiibos are collectibles, not action figures. Nintendo probably makes more money selling variants (metal Mario, regular Mario), and small accessories are easy to lose. I think Nintendo made all the right decisions for their Amiibo line.

      Figuarts and Play Arts make good Nintendo toys, if you’re looking for custom Mario and Zelda toys.

  2. At this point it may be better for them to just cut their losses. Even if they did rectify the issues with it, the price cuts already went into effect and it would be expensive to get the news out for improvements, just to sell price slashes product, you know?

  3. Hey, do you sell flash drives like that, in the shape of the original memory card, with some games on it?

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