Jurassic Park Entertainment Center

Jurassic Park gate entertainment center tv stand IKEA furniture 2019 dave delisle dave's geeky ideas davesgeekyideas

This design started out as a wardrobe, which was really boring. Then I saw some entertainment centers with sliding barn doors and thought they were cool so I ran with that instead. The barn doors are my personal preference, they may not be for everyone.

The TV stand is flanked by some display cases with ambient lighting. Looking at some comparable setups, this entertainment center may reach the ceiling of your living room, it’s very tall. Partial barn door railing for the top, sliding track rail at the bottom.


Other touches could be added, like jungle wallpaper for the back wall. A voice welcoming you to Jurassic Park every time the doors open. Music from the movie. The usual geek flair.

The left and right speakers would go in the top-most shelves, I removed them for presentation purposes here. This entertainment center may not look as impressive with the shelves cluttered up, but it would still have a lot of presence in your living room.

Again, the barn doors are my personal choice. Maybe you would prefer swing-out doors? Another option is to stow the doors (kinda like this design).

There are so many posts on this blog that make me wish I had woodworking skills, so I can slap these together myself. This one may take the cake.

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