Disc Changer For Game Consoles

disc changer for game consoles Xbox Playstation 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas dave's geeky ideas

I’m sure this is something a lot of gamers have wanted over the years: a disc changer for their game console. I haven’t given it much thought since multi-disc games like Final Fantasy VII were released long ago. Such a device would’ve been a pricey add-on years ago, but it should be a bargain now, right?

I would probably spring for a 5-disc changer these days if it came with a few extras, like an external hard drive and a few USB ports.

The disc changer would only authenticate discs that have already been installed on the console. It wouldn’t be ideal for running or installing game discs, due to its external nature. Once first-time setup for a disc has been done on the console, it can be popped into the changer.

Initially I was going to make the mockup look like an old CD shuttle changer, but I just learned that some car stereo decks had built-in CD changers that operated through a lone disc slot, so I went with that.

And yes I know digital is taking over. But because games are getting so huge (like 100GB or more) I’ve been buying more and more physical games. Also a data cap and slow internet are killing me.

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