Video Game Pitch: The Stig’s Fastest Lap

The stig video game pitch 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas top gear

Top Gear has a “fastest lap” competition, where celebrity guests race against the clock. The racers use the same car, and drive on the same track. The type of car changes every so often, but generally speaking it’s an even playing field for all participants.

I think this formula would make for a killer free-to-play mobile game. I’m choosing mobile for this one, because this game is small in scope and quick to play — about a minute per session.

The stig video game pitch 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas top gear

How it works: one car, one track. All players would try to set the fastest lap and earn a place on the leaderboard. After two weeks the competition ends, and the leaderboard is set. The game then transitions to a new car, and a new track.

Prizes would be awarded to the top 100, like special cars and tracks and other cosmetic items (different paint jobs or decals). The top 10 would be awarded with a gold version of the vehicle, and access to an exclusive VIP track. Maybe cash prizes or physical rewards could be issued, who knows.

One option I would like is a ghost mode, where you can race against yourself or race against the current number 1 on the leaderboard.

Cars would range from exotic supercars to compact sedans like a Honda Civic. I can see car manufacturers sponsoring the game to get their car featured for 2 weeks. Yes it’s product placement but not all that egregious if you ask me.

Evil microtransactions: the game would be free, but you only get access to the current car and track being used for the fastest lap competition. If you want to keep the car or track, gotta spring for those. Cosmetics are also available for purchase. The cars and tracks that you own don’t apply to the current fastest lap competition, they are just for fun (perhaps could be used in local multiplayer races, if that mode were included).

There is a mobile game called Top Gear: Race The Stig, but it’s more of kiddie arcade game that looks and plays like Crash Bandicoot. What I’m proposing is a more of a racing sim, maybe not quite up there with Gran Turismo or Forza, but somewhat realistic in appearance.

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