Dr. Claw Chair Cover


Dr. Claw Chair Cover Design by Dave Delisle

I’m in a real cartoon frame of mind these days, so you’ve been warned! Forecast calls for lots of immaturity and nostalgia.

Originally I thought of a Dr. Claw (villain from Inspector Gadget) executive chair for my IKEA series this past winter, but I put it on the backburner and forgot about it. Returning to the idea, I now see it as overkill just for the purpose of having that famous MAD logo embroidered on the back.

Now I think it would be best if you could turn any chair into the property of a diabolical villain with a seat cover of some sort. Something that could cover the entire seat (like a car seat cover) or just a simple towel-like thing you could drape over the top of the chair.

Lord of the Rings Floor Lamp

Gandalf LOTR tall lamp design by Dave Delisle

Here is a floor lamp design based on the staff used by Gandalf. He often used it to emit light, so it felt appropriate for a lamp.

The staff was wielded by Gandalf the White. The one used by Gandalf the Grey looked a bit rough, more like a twig. The above design has a nice ivory look.

Back To The Future Lamp

doc brown helmet bttf lamp design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas 2010

Simply put this ceiling lamp looks like the helmet worn by Doc Brown the first Back to the Future. It is tethered by that “suction cup” that the Doc affixed to Marty McFly’s head.

Besides the main bulb, there would be LED lights throughout this light fixture, making it look like a fancypants chandelier.

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 8: Portal

Portal Lights Mirrors Lamps

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture is a series of concept designs for geeks by a geek. These aren’t actual items for sale.

Portal Lights Mirrors Lamps


Probably be best to keep the LED rope light behind the mirror…you don’t want to see a blue or orange face staring back at you.

Portal Lights Mirrors Lamps

I made a few more items: A Portal ‘incinerator’ waste basket, and a companion cube dresser (complete with Portal mirror) – but they both looked really silly. They got the axe.

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 7: Nintendo Bedroom

Game Boy bed design 2010 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

A few fun items for the bedroom: a duvet cover in the style of a Game Boy, a pillow case Game Boy cartridge, a lamp which looks like one that would attach to a Game Boy, and lastly a GameCube bedside table.

Floating PC Desk


This was inspired by DIY Creators’ Floating Desk, I just went with a Floppy Disk look. The disk holes make for really good grommets! This is a generic design, I think it would look cooler if it had a Commodore 64 or Apple II theme.

You could probably build a PC into the back panel if you wanted, or at the very least incorporate a power strip into it, for tidier cable management.