Playstation 4 Flat Concept

PS4 Concept 2011

Compared to some of my other console designs, this is a very minimalist approach, one that uses my often-preached need to flatten electronics. Flat as in the same orientation as your LCD TV screen. If the TV can be a space-saver, then why can’t all your component electronics and consoles be the same? Your entertainment unit should only be about 7-10 inches deep in this blogger’s opinion.

With this Playstation 4 standing parallel to the wall, I gave it a ‘S’ shape design, so you can nicely feed it discs and the cords in the back. This way the cords are hidden from view thanks to the angular design:

PS4 Concept 2011

This is a very simple design, using a very low-key approach. Typically I would add LED lights and a few other bells and whistles. However in light of Sony’s latest PS3 console iteration, which reduces the LED lights and power consumption, I thought I’d take the same approach. One LED power indicator, and it’s pretty much a black slab. A hybrid of the PS2 and PS3.

My thoughts then turned to the faceplates of the first version of the Xbox 360. Having those graphics on the console certainly livened things up. With a big black box staring back at you, I thought I’d take a similar approach, and create a stand that would turn your Blu-Ray or PS4 game case into a faceplate of sorts, by providing a place for it to sit:

PS4 Concept 2011


The stand would retract from the base stand, creating a perch for your jewel case. This feature acts like a theater marquee of sorts, announcing what you are currently playing or watching. Makes for a nice display. Also it’s very handy to have, as you’ll never misplace your case again.

No controller design here, but I it would likely be another DualShock for the PS4.

4 thoughts on “Playstation 4 Flat Concept

  1. yikes…ok. I absolutely love your site. I come here everyday looking at all of the awesome things you come up with. I see so many things on here I wish were available so I could go buy them. However, I have to say I was a little disappointed with the ps4 design. Let me just say, I have no where near the skill you have to create these things like you do. It just seems like all consoles these days are just square or rectangular boxes and I’d like to see something that separates itself. I loved your Blu-ray case concept where you pulled the spine of the case down and the disc rolled out. I think that would be cool to incorporate into a console. Or something more spherical or with some negative space in the design. Or a console that could store multiple discs and you could switch between the discs without having to eject, get up, take the disc out, get the new disc, and put it in.

    Again, I really appreciate all the designs you come up with and my friends and I geek out over them all the time. I would just like to see you take another crack at it.

    1. This one was definitely function over style, taking cues from the PS2 and PS3. I’m not too thrilled with it’s appearance either, but wanted to deliver the idea of a flat console that was aligned to the TV and concealed the cords.

      I’m still taken aback by the next-gen using media discs, so I feel a bit constrained by that aspect, but I will work with it going forward.

      I will make more PS4 concepts in the future, I can guarantee that! I seem to crank out one per month, so stay tuned.

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