Aliens Quadrilogy Blu-Ray Case

Aliens Blu-Ray case design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

(Note: Updated April 12, 2014) As part of my recent blog cleanup, I have condensed this post to one image and a shorter write-up) Basically this case design uses the Armored Transport vehicle from Aliens to store all the films. The turret would slide to the back of the vehicle (just like it actually does in the film), allowing access to the cases.

For fun I think it would be cool to include a few Alien figures, so you can run them over just like Ripley did.

3 thoughts on “Aliens Quadrilogy Blu-Ray Case

  1. Regarding the BONUS IDEA:
    They have made a few Spider-Man figures with magnets. There was one for Spider-man 2 in 2003, and there was a Megabloks one that uses magnets for the head, arms, and legs, with magnets on the feet. I agree that they should make more with magnets, but I can understand any reluctance to do so given the huge set of recalls a couple of years ago regarding several magnet based toys.
    That being said, I like several of the designs I’ve seen on your site so far, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the 411. I did a Google search and I couldn’t find anything of the sort. I’m glad they actually exist! Seemed like a no-brainer.

      I’m not sure how magnets can pose a safety risk. I also wasn’t aware of the toy recalls concerning them. But that does explain why they don’t seem as widespread in toys as they used to be.

      Will try to keep up the good work, but all the fall video game releases beckon me. A drain on time and the wallet. Cheers! -D

  2. Would you know how to actually build this? I think it’s a terrific idea, i was trying to come up with something for the predator series.

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