Alarm Clock You Can Throw Many Times


Throwing Alarm Clock

There are currently alarm clocks you can throw, many shaped like a novelty sports ball (basketball). Unfortunately all of the electronics are built-in, so you might break it. The real drawback is you can only throw it the one time – normal people need multiple snoozes!

With this design you’ll have multiple objects to throw to satisfy your morning grouchiness, and at no risk to the electronic guts. When the alarm goes off, a ball is released and rolls down to the platform, activating the noise/light to wake the User. Removing the ball from the platform will trigger the snooze function (there is an off button too). You have the option to throw the ball, or place it back in the queue. If you’re like me you’ll awkwardly and eventually push the ball off the platform.

You get to exercise your throwing arm and vent some aggression in the morning. Also you’ll have some handy ammunition at your bedside, should you need to pummel a morning person, or to shut-off incriminating devices – just like Ferris Bueller.

Second version: This would have a single ball to throw, but tethered to the clock. Once you throw, the clock would begin to slowly reel the ball back. So snooze times could be extended if you throw the ball further! However the clock would need a motor, and could be noisy during the reeling process.

I have many other alarm clock designs if you are interested. Check them out here.

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