Hitchhiker’s Guide Towel Hook

Hitchhiker's Guide chrome towel hook by Dave Delisle

This is a towel hook design for weirdos who insist on hanging their bath towels after using them. It even has a secondary hook for – and this is truly bizarre – those who have more than one towel. I’m not sure why I even bothered making this, the floor is a perfectly good place to park a lone towel, if you ask me.

Mad Max Fury Road Shower Cabinet

Mad Max Fury Road shower cabinet by Dave Delisle dave's geeky ideas

So yeah, a shower cabinet based on the Citadel water scene from Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s your standard shower cabinet but with fancy tiling, 3 water nozzles, and a couple of hydraulic levers to operate the water.

Jaws Scent Bottle

Jaws Scent Bottle design by Dave Delisle

Here’s a fun design: a Jaws-branded cologne or perfume bottle. There aren’t too many geeky scents out there, so why not? I imagine this would have a pleasant ocean or sea-breeze scent, as I doubt anyone would want to smell like chum.

Fans of the film will recognize what’s going on here, but for those who don’t know: the cap is the yellow buoy that was tethered to the shark in the film; the hose extending from the pump looks like the rope used for the tether, and it appears to be attached to a shark at the bottom of the bottle.

I went with a conventional bottle design here, otherwise I’d make it look closer to a gas container, with an angled buoy to give it the appearance of being towed by a shark.

Jurassic Park Umbrella

Jurassic Park umbrella design by Dave Delisle

Wish I was old enough to wield a cane, so I can hit young people all day without repercussions. For now an umbrella based on the amber cane from Jurassic Park will suffice, mostly because it should still do a lot of damage to those meddling kids.

The canopy would have a Jurassic Park logo of some kind, probably something along the lines of “Welcome to Jurassic Park” or another John Hammond quote. Sorry for being lazy and not adding a graphic to the canopy.