Hitchhiker’s Guide Towel Hook

Hitchhiker's Guide chrome towel hook by Dave Delisle

This is a towel hook design for weirdos who insist on hanging their bath towels after using them. It even has a secondary hook for – and this is truly bizarre – those who have more than one towel. I’m not sure why I even bothered making this, the floor is a perfectly good place to park a lone towel, if you ask me.

The chrome hook can be mounted on the wall or door, and could even feature a clip to hang on top of the door. The hand logo is symmetrical and can be seen from both sides.


It’s weird to think the Hitchhiker’s Guide film is now 12 years old. I remember that and Watchmen being in “development heck” for what seemed like forever and now both of those films are ancient. Time flies.

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