Mini Budweiser Red Light

Budweiser mini goal light design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas Dave's Geeky Ideas

Budweiser’s Red Lights are awesome, I’m quite positive they are coveted by all hockey fans. I’ve yet to get one myself because I still use a dumbphone (the lights require an app), but one day, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

In the meantime I wanted to pitch the idea of a more frugal and compact version of the red light, one that looks like the bar lights used by the Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames (see image in the TV below). In my opinion those bar lights are an improvement on regular goal lights, as they read so well on TV broadcasts.

Mini Budweiser Red Light by Dave Delisle

The USB-powered light can be parked in front of the TV, or mounted on top of it. I designed this adjustable cradle that can clamp onto TV’s of varying thickness. Just press the clamps flush to the TV and tighten the screws. The clamps could also be spring-loaded.


Budweiser did release these cool red light glasses last year, so an inexpensive version of their light does exist, but it appears they are no longer on sale. Hopefully they are temporarily sold-out, due to rabid Canadians. Edit: Looks like they are just a promotional item for now.

One thought on “Mini Budweiser Red Light

  1. Sounds like a great Raspberry Pi project, especially using multicolor LEDs to be able to light up in assignable colors for all your favorite teams year-round.

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