Portal Personal Assistant

Alexa Siri portal personal assistant design by Dave Delisle

I am very intrigued by the potential of Amazon’s line of personal assistants (Alexa and Echo), my hope is that one day we get HAL 9000 and GLaDOS versions of the device. Thought I would take a stab at the latter, but GLaDOS’ robotic body doesn’t fit so I enlisted the Companion Cube and the incinerator. This would still feature GLaDOS’ voice, in an ideal world.

Portal Valve personal assistant by Dave Delisle

The ‘fire’ is just a large red translucent LED surface with half the companion cube sitting on top to appear submerged. It illuminates when the device is listening to your voice command. The top-most heart on the cube could also act as a power button.

Portal (and the rest of the Orange Box) turns 10 this year! I’m going to have to fire it up again soon. I’d love to see a Portal 3, but I don’t know how Valve can improve upon the 2 previous games. My guess is a VR remaster is next for the franchise.

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