Link’s Awakening Alarm Clock

Link's Awakening alarm clock design by Dave's Geeky Ideas davesgeekyideas Dave Delisle

This alarm clock would use the same technology found in Nintendo’s oldĀ Game & Watch handhelds, which had an LCD display with a color background layer. This would allow for a display comparable to the original Game Boy Color, and enable a simple alarm animation (which was another staple of the Game & Watch devices).

Nintendo Game & Watch Wristwatch


Thanks to color e-ink displays, a Game & Watch wristwatch is something that could be done today. It would display time when not being played with, and could be home to several G&W games that primarily used left and right as the controls.

A single button would be used to toggle left or right. Originally I had the Nintendo logo on the button, but it could be rubbed off with a lot of play. Or it would be uncomfortable if the logo was engraved into the button.