If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 4: Nintendo

Nintendo futon couch design by Dave Delisle

Here is a matching couch and chair that looks like the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance (the clamshell version). These would be decorated with cartridge pillows. Game screens can be accomplished by putting screenshots on blankets and draping the blankets on top.

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 3: Mega Man

Mega Man Exploding Clock

This Mega Man exploding (like when he dies) in clock form. I can’t remember if he had 8 or 10 directions of light emitting from where he exploded, but either way I had to cheat to get 12 for both waves.

It’s fairly self-explanatory, but the inner ring represents the small hand, the outer ring represents the big hand.

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 1: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Shelves

Wouldn’t it be fun to have the girders from Donkey Kong on your wall? They’d make a fine series of shelves if I may say so. I would also include some barrels for plants or to store other items.

It appears a designer named Igor Chak beat me to this idea, so kudos to him (I didn’t find any existing designs when I originally conceived this design).