Superman Desk

Superman desk fortress of solitude design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

This desk is based on Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. It features a glass section in the shape of the Superman’s diamond logo. A corner configuration is shown, but a standard desk could also be made with this idea.

15 thoughts on “Superman Desk

  1. Do you think you could actually market these things? They are some really good ideas. I am only 18 but I know for a fact they would sell. I know as hell I’d be happy buying that stuff… if I had the money of course. How do you come up with the designs?

    1. I think for the most part, these aren’t trademarked and are broad references to intellectual properties, so anyone could probably churn these out without penalty. The Rock Band/Guitar Hero carpet might be trickier, but seeing as both games utilized a similar look, it may be open season as well.

      I think all of these are highly-marketable and would be popular. But I don’t think I could manufacture and distribute these myself! I just generate ideas.

      However maybe a letter-writing campaign or petition for IKEA to make these things would be the way to go. It would be hard for a retailer to ignore lots of people who want to give them money for a particular product.

      As for how I come up with designs, that’s a bit more complicated. Some ideas I’ve had for a while (Superman furniture), others it’s just a matter of asking “What would make for a cool couch, and is video-game related?”. I’ve also found it to be very beneficial to be attentative to details…the set design in a movie, the logo of a hockey team…anything! It doesn’t hurt to utilize some of the more popular cultural icons too – that makes things easy.

      1. See I am doing business now in College and I did Law in my 6 form (Like higher education) like you said, anybody could churn these without a penalty but that would be unfair to you really. You’ve spent time coming up with these ideas.

        As for the market, there is a rising want for new ‘novelty’ items and all of your ideas come under this heading, these are highly-marketable.

        The thing is though, who says you stop at IKEA or something, marketing can be done anywhere.

        You must have a lot of artistic ability to come up with things like this. The first thing I thought of when I saw the designs are ‘They’re perfect’ I saw no floor. I give you major respect for that as it is difficult.

        Personally I’d love to market these ideas. The expansions could truly be incredible.

  2. All very good points! I am guilty of wearing the horse blinders and narrowing the focus to IKEA, but they seemed the most suitable.

    I’m not really concerned with my ideas being stolen – if I was I wouldn’t publish them. If one idea becomes reality through my doing or someone else’s, that’s just another feather in my cap.

    At least I can provoke some discussion or turn some heads. In this instance, these things could benefit a lot of people in a positive way, so I don’t mind broadcasting these at all.

    I do have artistic ability, but I try not to spend too much time on these – just enough to get the idea across. I imagine if these designs became products they’d be finessed a great deal more!

    If you market these I’d be first in line to buy them! I personally can’t see myself being an entrpreneur of this scale.

    1. IKEA are by definition a very very large furniture corporation and will sell so much because that’s what they do. They’re sort of the Wal-Mart of the furniture world? (Sorry I’m British and I’m not sure what is very big in America) (Also I take it your American because of the Dollar sign on the pictures haha).

      Hmm yeah that is a good point, there would be no beneficial factor about putting ideas up on here if they weren’t going to get used.

      I can definitely say you turned my head with these designs. The thing is, these designs don’t need to be finessed anymore. They are as I said, perfect as I see then, that coming from a future entrepreneur wanna-be.

      The difficult part comes in me marketing it. That’s the easy part. It’s the art work I would need to do it. The designs themselves. Then the marketing becomes a simple task in reality 🙂

  3. Well if you think you can make these happen, you’re more then welcome to give it a shot. I can give you a few non-IKEA text images if you’d like.

    These all appear to be very popular, so anything that comes of it would be great. Keep me posted.

    1. Any designs are welcome friend. IKEA or non-IKEA. Anything you wish to see on the market.

      I know the feeling would be great to see your designs being sold.

      How should we transfer them?

  4. i would o but the corner desk, it would be perfect we are a superman family and moving into a new house and this would be perfect..especially since i am an artist and am already painting sons walls in superman lol

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