If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 4: Nintendo

Nintendo Couches Futons

Here is a matching couch and chair (or matching futons) that looks like the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance (the clamshell version). These would be decorated with cartridge pillows and blanket covers that would feature game screens.


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  1. Nice renders. But I don’t think furniture is that shiny.

    • Agreed. Maybe leather under a lot of light?

      Usually I do enough to get the basic idea across, but this is one of those times where I go overboard with the polish. In this case, to highlight the stitching patterns on the futon covers.

  2. I would outfit my entire home with your furniture set up. :o) I likes it lots.

  3. also, you should not drink slurm. do you know where that comes from? ewwwww. lol

  4. Could look nice, I guess ;p

  5. hehehe you are funny

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