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Hidden Hockey Rink Stadium

Hidden Hockey Rink by Dave Delisle

I’m a fan of the NHL’s outdoor games, but I feel that the viewing experience for fans in lower seats must be somewhat poor, despite being closest to the rink. If only the rink was sunken into the ground! Well now that there are football stadiums with grass fields that slide outside, that is a possibility. Read the rest of this entry


Pro Sports Locker Hall Tree

Custom NHL Furniture by Dave Delisle

A Hall Tree is a coat rack combined with a storage bench that is parked by the front door or in a mud room; here are some examples. I feel these Hall Trees could be made to look like player lockers from the pro leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL, etc.). The above design is based on the actual lockers belonging to the Calgary Flames, but you could do this with any pro team. Read the rest of this entry

Bronies Forever T-Shirts

Bronies Logo Dave Delisle 2012

Requests for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic content have finally been answered! And it is a parody of the Denver Broncos logo no less. You can grab a T-Shirt featuring this mashup here (store closed, these are no longer available).

My Little Pony Bronies Denver Broncos Mashup 2012 Dave Delisle

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