Pro Sports Locker Hall Tree


A Hall Tree is a coat rack combined with a storage bench that is parked by the front door or in a mud room; here are some examples. I feel these Hall Trees could be made to look like player lockers from the pro leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL, etc.). The above design is based on the actual lockers belonging to the Calgary Flames, but you could do this with any pro team.

You would need to sandwich together 2 or 3 lockers to mimic the size of a typical Hall Tree. Just add custom name tags, team jerseys/apparel, and you’ll appear to be gearing up for the big game every time you head out the door. A carpet with the team logo would help complete the ‘locker room’ illusion too.

There are a few geeky themes that can apply here as well. I recall seeing locker rooms in Battlestar Galactica (2003), Robocop, Aliens, Spaceballs, and so on. If I recall they’re not exactly sporty, but the name tags would really sell it.

It’s times like these I wish I could do woodwork/carpentry. I would throw one of these together in a heartbeat. Heck, my apartment would be populated by the junk I post here.

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