This Is Fine Fireplace Grate

This Is FIne fireplace log holder design by Dave's Geeky Ideas davesgeekyideas

Originally I planned to embed the “This Is Fine” dog in a fireplace screen, but then I felt it would be better if he appeared amidst the fire itself, so I placed him atop a fireplace grate (the thing that cradles logs).


The character and letters are punched out of the metal much like a stencil. Black was likely the only color to work in real fiery conditions, which is why I chose this approach. The stencil warranted the use of the second panel from the comic, because other panels had floating eyes/pupils. That panel was also ideal because it enabled the use of the catchphrase!

This decorative approach could also be used for Darth Vader’s helmet, now that I think about it.

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