Star Trek Power Bank


Here is a power bank for Trekkies! It is based on the thingy from Star Trek IV, where Pavel Chekov does the sci-fi equivalent of siphoning gas. I wanted this to be comparable in size to existing power banks, while at the same time be a life-size prop for cosplay, so I made the handle detachable.

Star Trek Power Bank by Dave Delisle

The purple Dylithium chamber would indicate how much charge the power bank has. The red lights would be active when the power bank is charging, or when your plugged-in device is charging.

Star Trek Power Bank by Dave Delisle

Many of the power banks I have seen rely on being charged via USB, for this design I felt a built-in plug would be more convenient, either for charging or acting as a USB power adapter in a pinch (if the power bank is low on juice). The power bank can be plugged into the wall with or without the handle. Maybe it could work as a nite-lite while sitting in an outlet too?

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