Hidden Hockey Rink Stadium

Hidden Hockey Rink by Dave Delisle

I’m a fan of the NHL’s outdoor games, but I feel that the viewing experience for fans in lower seats must be somewhat poor, despite being closest to the rink. If only the rink was sunken into the ground! Well now that there are football stadiums with grass fields that slide outside, that is a possibility.


I’ve had this idea for several years, but it seemed too over-the-top. Now that there’s a joint US-Canada-Mexico bid for the 2026 World Cup, I figure at least one Canadian city will have to build a new Stadium, so why not a facility that can host hockey games several times a year?

Yes it would kill the novelty of NHL outdoor games, but for a hockey-mad city like Montreal or Toronto, this facility would help address the overwhelming ticket demand by their respective fan bases, especially for playoff games.

This stadium layout would be ideal for NHL, MLS, CFL, NBA, and concerts.

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