Ecto Containment Unit USB Hub


This is an all-in-one gadget design that is loosely-based on the Ecto Containment Unit from Ghostbusters. It’s a case for an external hard drive, USB hub, and a card reader. For fun I’d like to see it come with a USB Flash drive that looks just like a ghost trap (more on that here). The ghost trap would have it’s own dedicated port, like the one seen above.


I feel this would be a really fun storage device for any desk. Every time you use this gadget you will feel like you are storing ghosts instead of data.

9 thoughts on “Ecto Containment Unit USB Hub

  1. Oh my gawd! I am completely in love with all your Ghostbusters plans! We have got to find someone who will produce these things for you! Especially the firehouse tower case!!… I just used it as inspiration for the coolest Valentine mailbox ever for my little guy who is a Ghostbusters NUT!

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