Ghostbusters USB Thumb Drive


This dates back to one of my very first ideas on this site, but a few things about that flash drive design bugged me: it could not fit into any USB port (the plug was recessed), and it had no indicator light. Well I’m glad to finally put together a redesign, which features a flip plug and an LED light to indicate that it is plugged-in.

The ghost trap is a plug-and-play device used by the Ghostbusters, so it makes sense it would be a USB flash drive. You’re just transporting data instead of ghosts.

There are a few other variations for this design: the USB plug could flip out of the trap doors; the trap compartment could be a flash drive that slides out of the main trap; or the foot pedal cable could be a USB plug that is tethered to the flash drive trap. Either way, I hope to get one of these some day.

16 thoughts on “Ghostbusters USB Thumb Drive

  1. I love checking your blog, you always have the coolest “why doesn’t this exist yet?” stuff!
    While this is accurate, it seems a little delicate to carry around with you for moving data from computers at home to work/friends’/etc. I would sacrifice accuracy for durability, with it a little closer to a slide-out mini drive; keeping the “hazard” stripes on the top, or course – and maybe putting the activity light inside, so they glow with ghostly energy when it is in use?

  2. Worth at least considering in your go-to-market design considerations that this flip-up design is too bulky to work with any “ultrabook”, including any modern Apple laptop.

    You’d be cutting out the majority of the currently-selling market (though the long tail of already-purchase and in-use laptops does constitute a larger market).

    All depends if you’re in it for the fun or profit, but fabrication will be quite expensive.

    1. There are TONS of bulky and toy-like USB designs, I own a Stormtrooper figure that won’t fit if there are adjacent plugs in use.

      It’s a novelty design for Ghostbusters fans, nothing more.

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