Geeky Flash Drives Part 1: N64 Expansion Pak


Ah the good ol’ N64 Expansion Pak. I remember getting this for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and not seeing any discernible difference in the game (turns out only the resolution was increased). Since then I’ve developed something of a soft spot for this cartridge-like peripheral, and not just because it proved beneficial for many more games after Rogue Squadron; I just really like the idea of forward-thinking hardware expansion for game consoles, something we haven’t enjoyed too much here in North America.

With that said, I like the idea of enlisting the Expansion Pak to be plugged into many other devices in the form of a USB flash drive. Its signature red grill would not only be embraced by Nintendo fans, but it is pretty stylish too. It belongs on your key chain or lanyard!

One day I’d like to submit this to Makerbot as a case that can fit over an existing USB flash drive — no ETA on when I can go about doing that.


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