Geeky Flash Drives Part 3: Superman Fortress Crystal

Superman USB Crystal Flash Drive by Dave's Geeky Ideas

The crystals in the Superman films had several functions: home construction, beacon, glow stick, ability to restore superpowers, and last but not least: data storage.  Two of these things — data storage and the glow functionality — could easily translate to a USB flash drive. The end result is something that looks and behaves (to an extent) just like one of Superman’s crystals.

For this design a vanilla cap would cover the USB plug. Like the previous Ghostbusters design, there would be some LED lights built-in to indicate the device is in use. But one thing I’d like to see is an on-demand light that is triggered by a button, allowing you to replicate the ‘glow stick’ feature of the crystal. The drive would need an on-board battery, preferably something that can be recharged (via USB, of course). There are so many keychain light and USB drive combos, so I feel this is an attainable design.

And as a lark it should come preloaded with a few documents about trees.

10 thoughts on “Geeky Flash Drives Part 3: Superman Fortress Crystal

  1. I THINK that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree….

    Cuts off data crystal.
    Miss Tessmacher: “But… I like trees.”
    Lex: “So does your average cocker-spaniel.”

  2. 2 years and somehow somebody hasn’t picked this up to be produced for people this idea is not just cool but works for the idea of how a kryptonian crystal would … storing data…. please make this a reality … somebody. ….. anybody … I know people want this but you don’t understand when I say I NEED this …. 1 green and multiple clear… of varying sizes 16gb maybe 32 gb…. and even a USB hub to house them all

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