Star Trek Viewscreen Lights

Star Trek Viewscreen

I know what you’re thinking: these don’t exist? I was a bit shocked too. I spent a few hours trying to confirm that these don’t. You would think in this modern age of flat-screen monitors and TVs that maybe this product would be out there. I’m sure many Trekkies would love to have this Viewscreen effect.

I propose a light bar device that would sit under a TV or monitor (UPDATE: or it could be embedded into the TV itself). Its LEDs would blink in a sequence just like the light array beneath the view screen on the bridge of the Enterprise.

A few extras bells and whistles, like the intermittent “ping sounds” or the red alert siren could be included. As long as all the lights and sounds could be managed by remote, as they might get distracting at times.

UPDATE May 3rd 2014: a few years ago Thinkgeek told me they were going to make this, but I don’t think they’re still going to make it in all honesty.

6 thoughts on “Star Trek Viewscreen Lights

  1. I purchased a programmable led sign and mounted it under my lcd. My first attempt was using chasing lights, however that did not give me the effect i wanted.

    1. Both of your items sound cool. Too bad you have to resort to making them, eh? Hence my Geeky Gadget Wish List.

      On second thought, a manufacturer like Sony or Samsung should just include them into the set itself. Would look very sharp.

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