Controversial Kinect Game Idea: Sobriety Test

I just sent the last few months working on a Kinect game (I can’t disclose what or for whom -yet), and I see one potential idea where Kinect may come in handy. It wouldn’t exactly be a game, more like an app. And I call it “Sobriety Test”.

It’s exactly as it sounds. You would get in front of the Kinect camera and try to do a series of tests that would evaluate your motor skills. You’d walk a straight line, stand on one foot, and many other drills. It would operate like Simon Says, but with stern police officers watching.You would then be scored on how you perform. Fail, and the game will sound the alarm, and ask that your keys are revoked.

Yes it would be used as a drinking game. Yes there are legal implications to this app. Yes it may give people the impression that they have the ability to drive when they shouldn’t.

The truth is, video games are now a staple of many drinking parties, so why not have a game that might offer some entertainment, and possibly be used as a means to determine if someone shouldn’t drive? It would be a rare game that you’d win if you lost.

Plus having something like this present in a party will bring attention to the issue of drinking and driving. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Controversial Kinect Game Idea: Sobriety Test

  1. I actually had no idea that video games were used for drinking games. Then again, I don’t go to many parties these days. I think it’d be a good idea, honestly. My first thought is that they would try to avoid releasing something like that at first. Mainly because it looks like they’re appealing to a more healthy and family-friendly demographic with their “wacky” games and exercise launch titles. Though I could definitely see someone developing a game like that like they do their “indie games” on the XBLArcade.

    Heck, I think I’d download it if I saw it up. Good idea, mate.

  2. You could pretty much turn anything into a drinking game! Every time Mario changes size or suit, take a sip. Loser of a Smash Bros Melee match has to chug a pint. Etc etc.

    Thanks for the endorsement. I do think something like this is XNA-bound (XNA is the new Indie Games section). We’ll see if the Kinect attracts a more adult audience first, which seems unlikely.

  3. I was drinking tonight and thought this was an original idea, didn’t google it first. If you make this game on Xbox Marketplace, I would buy it.

    1. For now, my time in video game production has ceased, as I’ve been enlisted to help with product design.

      I think this would get a lot of resistance from Microsoft – they’d probably think of it as a legal liability.

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