The Last Starfighter Bluetooth Headset

Last Starfighter Gadget

This item crosses a bunch of things off my to-do list of ideas, namely:

1) A gadget based on The Last Starfighter – particularily the device Alex uses to call Centauri (pictured below inset), 2) A bluetooth headset gadget, which is long overdue here on this blog, 3) An earbud design that folds into an enclosure.

I remember flip phones being a hot item several years ago, now they are pretty much extinct. This gadget uses that flip design because I wanted to have an earbud that can be encased in some form for hygienic reasons. Also the flip design is retro, much like the film it embodies.

Last Starfighter Gadget

Admittedly, it won’t look nice and sleek when in use, but it will be nice and compact when folded up so you can easily throw it in your pocket.

I also think this Starfighter device would make for a cool key fob or remote of some kind, perhaps a mini cellphone. I could never really nail down an appropriate use for it. This will do for now!

Note: On second thought I should have put the hinge on the top, so when you wear it the display doesn’t appear upside down. Ah well.


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