King Of The Hill Blu-Ray Case

King Of The Hill Blu-Ray Set

This was a request from “Brooks”, a long-time fan of King of the Hill. Brooks is not too thrilled that Fox stopped selling DVDs of KOTH after season six, but he still holds out hope for a complete series release one day.

Brooks wanted to see a basic case with the unmistakable Hank Hill brown picket fence wrapped around the perimeter. Easy enough! I made a latch case for this 13-case set (above).

King Of The Hill Blu-Ray Set

For a few alternatives I made one based on Strickland Propane (above left), and one based on a toolbox:

King Of The Hill Blu-Ray Set

With the toolbox design it wouldn’t be hard to add a ‘Binford’ logo and designate this for a Home Improvement box set. UPDATE: Only 12 days ago Disney announced a 25-disc box set for Home Improvement, in a tool box no less. Granted there is not much resemblance to my really basic design.


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  1. Thank you so much! You really outdid yourself on this one! They all look great!

  2. I love this so much, almost makes me sad that it isn’t real. haha 😦

  3. How about using a backyard propane tank? And then just putting the discs (no cases) in?

    • I did consider that and a BBQ but it’s not aesthetically pleasing to the eye in the entertainment unit. Might get mistaken for a small tank amongst your movies!

  4. Nice workk (;

  5. Can I ask you something ??? Where can you buy the set . Or can I buy it from this website

  6. I wish I can buy it ):

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