Superman Necklace


This one is pretty simple – a scaled-down replica of the Kryptonite chain that Superman wore (against his will) in the first movie. It was cleverly bestowed upon the Man of Steel by Lex Luthor.

5 thoughts on “Superman Necklace

  1. your ideas are fast becoming mixed up in my brain with MTV’s geeky-blog feed, which I also have RSS’d to my LJ. It’s kind of awesome when I have to check and realize that what you post is an idea from someone I know, and not something that’s been designed, marketed and publicized on a national corporate website. 😀

    OMG does this comment even make sense. It’s not a backhanded compliment, I swear! I’m really impressed!

    1. Thanks! Your comment does make sense. I watch a lot of HBO, so I can interpret with confidence even the most complex and abstract assertions. I only…pretend…to appear confused and befuddled. Yeah that’s it.

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