Star Trek Earrings

Star Trek Ceti Eel earrings by Dave Delisle

This is a more humorous entry in the Geek Bling series – a pair of earrings based on those vile Ceti Eels from Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan. You know – those alien creatures that burrow into the ear and set up shop in the brain stem? Quaint little parasites.

I think the lady Trekkers out there can appreciate this design:

Star Trek Ceti Eel earrings by Dave Delisle

I was hoping to post a video clip from Star Trek II that featured these horrific creatures, but none can be found. So much for traumatizing people who are not in the know. *sigh!*

11 thoughts on “Star Trek Earrings

    1. Thanks James! I actually found that one too. I was hoping to find a version in English, as Khan goes into this great spiel about the creatures, how they killed so many of his people, and how his wife was killed, etc.

      I also wanted to hear him explain the brain stem thing. It’s such an unsettling monologue. Ricardo Montalban FTW!

    1. Hey Lora,

      Thanks! I’ve talked to a very talented jewelry maker on Etsy, and she loves it too. However she presented it to her legal contacts and they advised against making it. Can’t say I blame her! It would be a six-figure lawsuit, she estimates.

      I don’t want to bug any more jewelry makers because of the legality, though I could print these at It’s just that I don’t wear earrings. :p

      Will see if I can find the license holder for Paramount jewelry and see if anything comes of that.


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