Sandbox Desk

Sandbox Desk design by Dave Delisle 2011 dave's geeky ideas

A sandbox desk is the combination of an ultra-wide top drawer with a glass top, which creates a unique display space. For the above example I went with a train set, but you can throw anything in there you can imagine. Or just be boring and store office stationary.

Personally I would house a table hockey set. I could see others displaying their Warhammer 40K collection, or a RISK board game. What would you place inside?

3 thoughts on “Sandbox Desk

  1. Great idea. My desk growing up was the dressing table from that mass-produced oak set from the 50s. You couldn’t write on it so we had a sheet of acetate on it. I used to put all kinds of crap in there. 🙂

  2. This is awesome. I actually have a big hunk of glass in my backyard that I could use to make this happen!!

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