Ghostbusters Firehouse PC Tower Case

Ghostbusters Firehouse PC Tower Design

It’s been about several weeks since the last Ghostbusters idea, so why not a new one? Actually truth be told, I suggested this idea over a year ago, and merely presented a sketch drawing of the concept. The shape of the building makes for an excellent case mod. The Ghostbusters’ sign is the perfect power indicator light. You could even make all the windows opaque, for those who like to see the innards of their computer.

Ghostbusters Firehouse PC Tower Design

I also originally suggested that the Ecto-1 car be used as a USB hub that is tethered to the building, and can be stowed in the garage. The front doors could even be opened to reveal USB or other ports. I’d also like to see the built-in power supply look like the Ecto Containment Unit, but only if the PSU was stationed at the bottom of the case. There are plenty of things that can be done with this concept.

9 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Firehouse PC Tower Case

  1. Hey – Lego just released an ECTO-1 set with all four Ghostbuster mini-figs included. Now’s the time to peddle your wares! I know I would buy all your Ghostbusters stuff…

  2. This is absolutely amazing, I would buy one for every PC in my house, this is by far the best mod for a PC I’ve ever seen

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