Ghostbusters Blu-Ray Case

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray DVD Case Firehouse

This was an old design that has been redone (original post deleted) in light of a recent tower case design I made. It’s a basic slip cover, but with a small LED sign on the front. This would look good in any library.

As pointed out in the comments a similar case was issued for The Real Ghostbusters that predated my design.

7 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Blu-Ray Case

  1. it would be nice for an 30th anniversary blu ray edition
    of the franchise and i love the detail of the design and
    you can use this as an crowdfunding project to get
    sponsored backers to fund this project and i will invest in it
    because it is great .

    Frankie (cool rider) smales

    Frankie smales tv and movie review uk

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