Environmental Christmas Solution That Saves Trees And Reduces Wrapping Waste


Geeky Xmas Tree Idea

Lately I’ve noticed this print and ad campaign asking people to try and prevent waste caused by wrapping for holiday presents. I believe the motto is “Give Memories, Not Waste” or something like that. I can’t cite any stats, but we produce so much waste with all the wrapping and ribbons and bows and cards every year. A lot of waste for such temporary use.

So my solution is to create the means where people don’t have to use wrapping paper. This is a Christmas Tree shelf, which can store numerous presents behind curtains. You could toss the presents unwrapped behind the curtains (B.), or put the presents into burlap sacks and tie the drawstrings to the shelves, which would have wagon-wheel like spindles to tie to (A.).

To avert prying eyes it would be best to conceal presents in burlap, but you could also tie the curtains shut as well. You could also be a Grinch and use a locking system I suppose. I think a bunch of noisy bells could alert parents.

Basically this is merging the tree with stockings. It saves on wrapping and it saves trees. I believe this is much more practical and user-friendly than a pine tree (fake or real), especially when it comes to setup and tear-down.

Other features: This tree could feature built-in lights (C.) and maybe sound effects too. You could easily decorate this tree as well. The tree would revolve on a stand, allowing full 360-degree access to all the loot. This would be quick to set up and tear down, or you could remove all the Christmas-y stuff and have a nice shelf available year-round.

It would be much pricier than an artificial tree, especially with built-in lights and sounds. But think of all the money you’ll save for years, especially on wrapping paper.

One major flaw: this is much more friendly for cats, who love to climb curtains and attack tree ornaments. *sigh!*

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